ENACOMM: Spearheading Intelligent Customer Self-Service

CIO VendorMichael Boukadakis, Founder & CEO
Customer-centricity and enhancing customer experience have become paramount as the rapid proliferation of technology continues to disrupt the retail banking industry. In pursuit of more agile processes and innovative approaches, traditional retail banks are investing in digital transformation. Today, financial institutions around the world are seeking new ways of bringing self-service into multiple communication channels to make it easy for customers to resolve their questions and carry out banking activities without the need for human interaction. Michael Boukadakis, founder and CEO of ENACOMM, a FinTech company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, says, “Today’s consumers—particularly millennials— want everything to be automated, and they want instant responses to their queries through preferred communication channels.” ENACOMM empowers banks, credit unions, and credit card companies with affordable solutions for improving the customer experience (CX), as well as fighting financial fraud and increasing operational efficiency. ENACOMM harnesses artificial intelligence, big data, voice biometrics and more to help organizations link consumer interaction channels—from web to mobile, SMS texts, email, voice and chatbots—and provide customers with a superior, omnichannel self-service experience. A frontrunner in self-service technologies for over three decades, ENACOMM solutions are delivered as hosted services or on-demand through the “cloud.”

ENACOMM’s portfolio of innovative, hosted self-service applications consists of CRM products, analytics tools, and web-administrative consoles—all of which enable financial institutions to provide unparalleled, real-time, intelligent customer service to drive efficiency and improve profitability.

“Our solutions streamline the customer experience, but one product that we consider a real differentiator is ViA—Virtual Interactive Analyst,” reveals Boukadakis. “It tracks all the activities of customers from each channel, be it digital, mobile, or IVR, and provides detailed usability feedback,” Boukadakis adds. This feedback then enables organizations to make informed decisions to improve customer satisfaction while the activity data helps institutions more intelligently identify potential fraudulent behavior within tracked engagement channels.

Conversational Banking using ENACOMM's Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) is an extension of the intelligent self-service solutions for financial institutions that ENACOMM has been offering for decades. Leveraging digital-assistant technologies offered by Amazon, Google, Apple and others, a properly authenticated user can conduct secure bank transactions and access financial account information using his or her voice. Boukadakis says that consumers have already indicated that they are ready to embrace the technology, and many big banks have begun to implement it. ENACOMM’s chatbot banking solution enables community banks and credit unions to compete by offering the same next-generation interaction channel.

Elaborating on the company’s secure customer-centric solutions, Boukadakis cites a success story. One of ENACOMM’s clients found it challenging to manage the vast volumes of voice prompts and change requests they received from their customers on a day-to-day basis. Using ENACOMM’s Engage, a web-administrative portal, the client was able to set up an IVR in minutes and manage the voice prompts with just a few clicks.

Founded in 1985, ENACOMM has over 30 years of experience and in-depth domain knowledge. The company processes well over 1,000,000 voice calls, emails, SMS texts, and mobile and automated data transactions every day. In the near future, the company intends to continue pursuing its vision of creating a world in which customers can intuitively interact with intelligent self-service applications, for an exceptional consumer experience. “My goal is for ENACOMM to become the go-to solution provider for intelligent customer self-service applications that financial institutions need— especially conversational banking. And we are working hard to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition,” concludes Boukadakis.