Welcome Real Time: Shaping and Influencing Customer Behavior

Thierry Reginato, General Manager, Welcome Real TimeThierry Reginato, General Manager
Today, financial and banking companies actively invest in loyalty programs to retain customers, reward card users, and generate higher revenue. The highly customizable rewards programs undoubtedly motivate cardholders to use their cards frequently. However, the Retail Banks face a number of challenges thus being driven to find ways to avoid decreasing profitability, depreciation of the bank’s perceived image, lack of synergy between business units while extending value propositions to customers.

Overcoming this impediment, Welcome Real Time provides the banking and payment industry with loyalty solutions to help run real-time loyalty marketing programs that drive change in customer behavior, leading to improved customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability. “Retail banks need to approach customer relationship by acknowledging that they want more from their bank,” says Thierry Reginato, GM of Welcome Real Time. The company’s deep knowledge of payment-based loyalty and real-time earn and burn at point-of-sale combined with their understanding of best practices helps deliver powerful insights into customer behavior.

Welcome works toward assisting retail banks to achieve maximum customer satisfaction rates by rewarding customers based on their card payment activities to encourage higher spending and frequent usage of the cards and other payment methods. “Our clients can reward customers based on their banking activities to drive change in customer behavior toward more profitable and relevant channels, products, services, and operations,” adds Thierry Reginato. “Or even by helping attracting customers with rewards on everyday’s cards and payment transactions or any banking operations.”

The company’s solutions deliver substantial benefits, helping banks to drive engagement, maximize revenue from existing customers, and create a powerful proposition to attract new ones. Flexible, modular, and cost-efficient solution, XLS is Welcome’s award-winning loyalty technology for payment and banking eco-systems.

Retail banks need to approach customer relationship by acknowledging that they want more from their bank

XLS delivers a powerful and scalable loyalty platform, enabling banks to influence and reward customers on the basis of their spending behaviors. It provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, from enabling customer segmentation to defining extended earning rules to the delivery of multi-channel communications.

Welcome has the flexibility to provide business solutions that are best suited to meet clients’ operational capabilities— from managed service to an onsite platform. “We have developed and implemented our unique payment-based solutions for the banking and payment industry across the five continents, for nearly 20 clients, reaching over 100 million customers and more than a million merchants,” asserts Thierry Reginato.

A leading banking group in Greece wanted to strengthen its relationships with merchants, increase cards portfolio appeal, and reward customers for their everyday banking interactions. Welcome Real Time delivered its XLS solution with a multi-scheme module, enabling the client to engage with the most important retailers of the country as well as provide different and adapted loyalty campaigns. This led to an increase in card usage and value for the customers. The firm’s customers are now able to receive rewards through multiple channels including e-commerce, POS or monthly statements.

Welcome plans to continue placing loyalty at the heart of every client interaction with innovative and value-driven solutions. The company’s future developments will focus on extending its loyalty capabilities at mPOS and e-commerce channels to enable earning and redemption of various loyalty currencies, as well as simplifying integration with 3rd party solutions. “We also work towards enhancing the customer experience with engaging mobile customer journeys, while developing new value propositions such as CLO (Card-linked Offers) and CLR (Card-linked Rewards),” concludes Thierry Reginato.