Yodek Services: Digital Channel Transparency with Customer-Centric Banking

Daniel Hutto, CEO, Yodek ServicesDaniel Hutto, CEO
Powerful forces such as hyper-connectivity, high customer expectations, regulatory requirements and the propensity to adopt technological innovation is rapidly changing the face of banking, globally. Evidently, a highly personalized approach is incumbent when it comes to keeping pace with the rapidly altering customer behavior and expectations, stepping up communication, product development and customer service in retail banking. In line with this sea of changes, Yodek Services enables retail banks of all sizes to maintain their market position and a profitable growth with a digital customer-centric retail banking solution. Daniel Hutto, CEO of Yodek Services, says, “Our retail banking solution is highly flexible to adapt and address the evolving banking technology, regulatory and market challenges of today and tomorrow. We leverage innovative technology to systematically increase operational efficiencies with reduced costs and boosted profitability.” This systematic approach helps organizations identify banking methods that enhance current business processes in the never-ending quality cycle, improving service quality while satisfying governance needs.

With the quality of service in perspective, Yodek Services’ retail banking solution is a fully integrated, customer-centric, front to back componentized solution designed for flexibility and increased speed to market. An agile core combined with powerful data analytics running on a single platform distributed across all digital channels allows retail banks to harness the wealth of customer data, delivering a rich and comprehensive core banking functionality. The solution is regionalized and the platform can be used from a mobile device, making it convenient for the customer to manage their finances either on or off-site. With automatic handling of transactions from multiple channels and sources, Yodek Services’ banking solution guarantees an increased efficiency and reduction of operating and ownership cost.

To satisfy the expectations of the customers, the firm’s retail banking solution is built on three principles—uprightness, straightforwardness and joint effort. Besides these three principles forming the bedrock, complete transparency in the banking solution enables a full estimation of customer satisfaction in accordance with Yodek Services’ ethical standards.

YodekServices’ retail banking solution is highly flexible to adapt and address the evolving banking technology, regulatory and market challenges of today and tomorrow

While the transparent digital channel link between retail banks and financial institutions ensure a genuine business relationship and organizational collaboration, the firm also offers business consultancy services to ensure a successful joint effort, conveyance and support in the banking and financial sectors. “With our rich expertise in the financial sector, our consultancy specialists offer their services to both large and small businesses,” states Hutto. Additionally, the partnership with banks and other financial institutions aligns with Yodek Services’ goals of staying on par with the upcoming banking trends, transforming the existing business abilities and keeping companies ahead of the market. “We work closely with our clients to define an objective and focus on what is required for their association. This is accomplished through collaboration, correspondence and engagement.”

Looking ahead, Yodek Services will be integrating cloud computing coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning-smart cloud-onto its platform for making it a more adaptable and efficient banking platform. This smart cloud will gradually eliminate the spiraling costs in deploying and maintaining complex in-house legacy systems. “As cloud computing plays a major role in providing alternative ways to access to core banking technology, it is just a matter of time before all financial institutions will move their technology to the cloud.” adds Hutto. To accommodate the shift in banking technology onto the smart cloud, the firm is developing a scalable cloud-based banking technology model to leverage the existing data analytics for accurate customer comprehension while complying with the regulations. In addition to working with a wide range of C-suite level bank respondents, Yodek Services will provide a prominent breed of specialists and administration, branching out into government organizations to induce a significant impact in the banking space.

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Yodek Services

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