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Cotribute: Empowering Community Banks And Credit Unions To Thrive In The New Digital Normal

Top 10 Retail Banking Solution Companies - 2021

Covid-19 has adversely affected the retail banking operations. Several banks have limited their branch presence temporarily during the pandemic. The growing consumer expectations have forced banks to adopt digital banking solutions and embrace new technology for business continuity and growth.

It is expected that, in the post-pandemic era, the shift from transactional to experience banking will continue and will have the same transformative impact for banks that experiential retail has for high-street retailers. However, due to which Legacy brands that invest extensively in their digital capabilities will have a competitive advantage. Banks that continue to spend in redesigning their branch network, on the other hand, will preserve their most significant competitive edge against digital adversaries — human connection. Meanwhile, in retail banking , intelligent voice assistants who are working with live operators can improve client relation. As well as more loyal customers can be won by delivering better-tailored services via digital channels.

Technologies such as Robotic process automation (RPA) helps in enhancing bot intelligence and can be used to know your customer (KYC) processes to speed up customer identification, verification, and data analysis. In addition, Conversational AI may make customer interactions more engaging and participative. Similarly, blockchains which are being tested and deployed in ID fraud detection, like the construction of digital identity networks can boost efficiency by reducing the risk of financial fraud, and increasing responsiveness to performance and scheduling requirements.

The technology advancements in this arena are opening up a universe of new possibilities for retail banking solution providers. To assist businesses navigate the best-of-breed retail banking solution providers, Banking CIO Outlook presents "Top 10 Retail Banking Solution Providers - 2021." The firms featured in this edition provide retail banking solutions that improve energy distribution networks' efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. In addition, the magazine includes insights from industry thought leaders about the latest trends, best practices, current innovations, and insights for aspiring CIOs.

    Retail Banking Solutions Companies

  • Cheque Guard helps businesses and financial institutions understand and prevent different types of check frauds with its robust solutions. The company supports clients in proactively combat frauds as opposed to taking remediation actions after an incident. Businesses can integrate Cheque Guard’s solution into their accounting system. It helps encrypt all the crucial information on a check—including check number, check amount, check date, account number, and other essential details—through a barcode. Banks can just decrypt the information on the barcode and automatically detect any anomaly or discrepancy between barcode data and printed information on the check. Accordingly, they can make pay or no-pay decisions without waiting for clients’ replies.

  • Cotribute is a digital growth platform for Community Bank and Credit Unions that are looking to acquire new clients and retain existing ones. Cotribute empowers those organizations to offer compelling, white-labeled, digital, loan and deposit products and compete with Direct-to-Consumer FinTechs and Neo-Banks

  • Stratman develops software solutions for Financial Institutions by leveraging their own internal banking knowledge and experiences, to deliver fully vetted and fully tested solutions to the financial industry. Stratmans products make their customers more competitive, profitable, and compliant.

  • Defense Storm

    Defense Storm

    DefenseStorm is banking-specific cybersecurity, cyberfraud, and cyber compliance organization. The company assists financial institutions in achieving real-time cyber safety and soundness by providing the only co-managed, cloud-based, and compliance-automated solution of its type – offered as both a technological system and a service backed by financial institution security and compliance specialists. To provide full, transparent, and real-time cyber exposure readiness, DBSI integrates detection, investigation, resolution, reporting, and compliance into a single system of record

  • Finastra


    Finastra has the market's largest comprehensive suite of end-to-end lending solutions, including syndicated, commercial, consumer, and mortgage loans. The company provides a uniform, seamless digital borrower experience to a wide spectrum of enterprises, organizations, and individuals while enhancing client onboarding, boosting transparency, and reducing back-office processes. Finastra's solutions reduce complexity, expense, and manual procedures while also providing a single platform for efficiency and a clear return on investment

  • Nucleus Software

    Nucleus Software

    Nucleus Software's loan and transaction banking products are used by the worldwide financial services sector. Since 1986, they have been a pioneer in retail and corporate banking software, combining deep experience with an unrivaled track record and a thorough dedication to creating long-term relationships with their clients. The company software supports retail lending, corporate banking, cash management, mobile and online banking, automobile financing, and other business sectors for over 150 organizations in over 50 countries

  • Pyramid Solutions

    Pyramid Solutions

    Pyramid Solutions retail banking solution avoids the risk of mistake and duplication by utilizing customer information files (CIF) to access client accounts regardless of where they reside inside the system. Automated processes combine all forms linked with a client, so when a teller updates the address on one account, the change propagates to all other accounts that contain address information. It not only eliminates repetitive labor, ensures 100 percent data validation at the front office and straight-through processing to the back office, but it also ensures companies stay compliant and don't send bank statements to an outdated address by accident

  • Temenos


    Temenos provides cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API-first digital banking, core banking, payments, fund management, and wealth management software, allowing banks to create consistent, seamless client journeys while achieving market-leading cost/income performance. Temenos allows top-performing clients to achieve industry-leading cost-income ratios of 26.8 percent and returns on equity of 29.0 percent, which are 3X higher than the industry average

  • Vee24


    Vee24 is the global leader in live engagement solutions, using a unique combination of technological expertise, consumer intelligence, and best practices to offer the next chapter in customer interaction. Vee24 is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with European headquarters in Macclesfield, England. Vee24 works with numerous leading industry brands in the financial services, retail, automotive, and healthcare industries

  • Vyze


    Ally Financial Inc., a digital financial services firm dedicated to "Doing It Right" for its consumer, commercial, and corporate clients. Ally consists of an industry-leading independent car financing and insurance operation, an award-winning digital direct bank, a corporate finance company for equity sponsors and middle-market firms, as well as securities brokerage and investment advice services. Ally, a steadfast ally in all things financial, helps individuals save and earn effectively so they can spend on what counts